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Simmons left the hospital at approximately 5pm Pacific Time, hidden under a blanket in the backseat of a Mercedes car driven by his long-term housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, on the way back to his LA home.The one-time fitness guru seemed frail as he walked - possibly a sign of his recent bout of indigestion, for which he was hospitalized for four days.He could not, however, produce for police the alleged key to Johnson's apartment. However, the question of jurisdiction may be raised at any stage of the proceedings, even for the first time on appeal. The police then arrested Simmons for Johnson's murder. Without an independent basis for the motion, there can be no appealable judgment. Moreover, there is no statute providing the right to appeal from a Rule 29.12(b) motion. This Court has a duty to sua sponte determine our jurisdiction.

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He gave increasingly incriminating responses to police questioning: at first asserting that he had met Johnson but had never been to her apartment; next, saying that they had had a relationship, that she had given him a key to her apartment, and that he kept some items of clothing there, including the distinctive tie; then, saying that on November 30, he had gone to Johnson's apartment to take her the carnation and other items, but had left these items at her front door and had not gone in the apartment; finally, saying that he had gone inside the apartment that day. First, Defendant contends the State did not challenge jurisdiction at the trial court, so should be precluded from challenging it here.

He had initially waited in his car until police arrived to escort him Simmons was also wearing a pristine pair of New Balance sneakers as he returned to his mansion - perhaps a sign of how little he goes outside.

He doesn't even walk his dog - he relies on Reveles to do that too Reveles, 64, had previously refused to comment on Simmons' condition after being approached by Daily at 2.15pm.

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