Leader lines excel pie charts updating

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For a dashboard view, my users would prefer to just quickly see some data labels on the segments - as with Excel - possibly easier to explain with an image: https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/Display-or-hide-data-label-leader-lines-in-a-pie-chart-d7e7c62e-aaa5-483a-aa00-6d2c437df61b The problem with other solutions I've found here are that they are simply displaying the value in the segment, but some segments are too small for this to be the way forward.

When a label is selected, you can start typing, overwriting the current text.

If you want to keep the existing text, enter text editing mode by pressing Note: Column includes stacked chart, clustered chart, 100% chart, Mekko chart, waterfall chart, and their rotated variations. Additionally, some chart decorations also support labels: When using think-cell, labels are automatically placed at their appropriate positions.

I have a worksheet where I create a pie chart from data from a database.

The chart changes based on the data it is displaying so the slices often change size.


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