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“I would go back to the thing, the addictive cycle. I found myself doing something I had never even come close to with my girlfriend, my future wife,” he said. “My wife told me if I ever look at pornography we’re getting a divorce. Now it was in my pocket anytime and anywhere I wanted it.” The addictive pattern returned with a vengeance.

I couldn’t stop.” Then he took a step beyond the images on his screen. He and Mandy Mayhall had been friends at Rowlett High School in Texas and started dating in 2008. I told her I would never look at it.” Jason put safeguards in place to prevent any further problems. “I would wake up every morning and my heart would start racing and I would want to go look at porn and start the day and pretend to be the happy good husband,” he said.

PHILADELPHIA — Pop stars, particularly when they’re on tour, follow a different schedule than the rest of us.

It’s 11 a.m., but for Jason Castro it feels like ... That’s because on this morning, the distinctively dreadlocked singer, a top-four finisher on “American Idol” in 2008, is performing three short sets in the cafeteria at Haverford High School for groups of students on their lunch breaks.

The first AI contestant to play a guitar and/or a ukulele on the show, Castro made it as far as third place before being bumped by the Davids (Cook, the winner, and Archuleta, the runner up).

“The show was two-and-a-half-months of intense stuff that was cool and it was easy to stay busy, but as the tour started I found myself more and more in a lonely place,” he recounted on the video.

“By the time I was on this tour I was looking at stuff every day, multiple times a day. The couple’s engagement was called off and time passed. But four months later Mandy called him to discuss forgiveness and their relationship was restored.

This addiction was really bothering me, bringing me down, keeping me depressed. I would stay up all night.” It was relentlessly repetitive. Jason and Mandy married January 2, 2010 in their hometown of Rowlett.

Try the Sloppy Joe; don’t forget to tip your hall monitor.

Castro, 22, is promoting his self-titled debut album, due in April, with a 31-stop tour that will take him to Philadelphia’s World Cafe that night.


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