Questions to ask yourself before dating someone

You've probably been asked that question, or a variation of it, many times, and it's not always easy to pin down an answer.

Most of us can readily identify what we don't want, but putting a finger on exactly what we're looking for in a partner and/or a relationship is often a difficult task.

We often become more confident as women with age, despite the issue of ever depreciating youth.

So what happens to women 30 , in what I like to call the “beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin years”; especially those who have never been married and may have yet to experience motherhood?

Before they begin, they have images in their minds about how things will turn out based on who they think you are, and what you are bringing to the table. You should never be carried away with pleasing others or have whoever will have you but should as well know what you would like in a partner.

Just because you are helplessly attracted to them doesn’t guarantee you a potential future with them.

Don’t give up on them entirely; get to know them a little better, in a non-dating scenario of course; because there is no such thing as trial-dating.

Always choose someone you can actually have a future with, pursuing someone to no end is neither fair to you nor to the next person.

There is a pretty good chance that it turns out to be just a fleeting fascination, which inevitably fades away over time. Well in all honesty, your better judgment betrays you in such situations, yet you need to figure it out.

Think about what draws you to them; if the only thing that you come up with is the way that they look, then maybe you need to reconsider your plans for them.


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