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In 1996, Robin left Time Warner to pursue her interest in the Internet, and in 1997 she joined CNET Networks as a member of the executive committee. I was brought into CNET Networks by the founders specifically to mentor a generation of young people who knew a lot about the Internet, but didn't know a lot about management. I realized that by the time she was as old as these CNET people, I probably wouldn't remember the stories to tell her.

They were so hungry for stories of workplace issues and career development that I found myself telling my stories over and over again. I started in '97, and left in 2002, when the company returned to profitability for the second time. So I began the book as a letter to my daughter, Bonnie, about being a woman in business. Most of the people that I coached at CNET were men.

But Alsop has one key difference: He's utterly shameless about it.

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I think it's the same kind of thing with women and business books. It makes plenty of sense, but that's a discussion for another day. I think this should be mandatory reading for guys because given that the world is more or less 50/50 in the workplace, guys would do well to understand how a woman is thinking. Adam's next point was, "But I love you, and I love magazines.Additionally, we are minority owned and certified members of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.Additionally, LCI’s digital division, Giant Step Digital (a partnership with Boston PRGN partner The Castle Group), helps brands stand out in a digital world. Guys can write books for men and women, but for some reason, if a woman writes a book, then it has to be for women. When I was doing newsstand circulation for magazines, what we learned when using a non-celebrity model (the celebrity model is very different), as most of the women's service books do, is that if you put an African-American woman on the cover, it depressed sales.The reason was that African-Americans would buy a cover with an African-American or a white or an Asian.Because I spent my life in magazine publishing, I know a lot of people on the book side, and they encouraged me to make it a book. But as I talked to various book publishers, they really wanted a general advice book for women. I tried to make it sharing confidences among girlfriends, big sister kind of language.


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