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Many stylists hold the belief that there are four basic face types which include oval, round, square and heart.

Other experts tout the triangle, pear and diamond facial shapes which are modifications of the four primary shapes.

Heat styling tools (hot rollers, blow dryers, hot irons). Faulty hair styling tools (sharp edged brushes, combs, hair rollers, pins, clips). There are great clip-in hair extension options available today that can instantly mask damaged tresses. Not all hair experts agree on this step but many find it beneficial. Towel blot, never rub, until excess moisture in eliminated. Finish with a spritz of conditioning detangler or leave-in conditioner. When possible let hair air-dry by plopping, wet Bunning or rolling in rag curlers. Avoid hot tools such as blow dryers, hot irons, hot rollers except on special hair events. While a deep conditioner won't completely reverse any damage, various conditioning ingredients will make hair easier to detangle and will help provide necessary moisture balance.

It may be painful to cut or trim but in the long run it gives your hair a better chance for full recovery as it grows back in. Never let a hairdresser pressure you to remove fried and damaged hair unless you agree. Camouflage It Whether you have the damaged removed or not, why not camouflage fried strands? Rinse well and finish with a cool/cold water rinse that helps close the cuticle. Deep Condition In response to the popularity of hot irons, relaxers and other chemical straightening treatments, the major hair care companies have released a series of deep conditioners designed to help with fried hair conditions.

Or it can be damaged by chemicals or how it's styled and processed. Use of damaging brushes, combs or similar styling tools. Overexposure of hair to damaging climate conditions such as sun, surf, wind, UV rays and related toxins. Exposure to pool or similar chemicals such as chlorine.

The cause of dry, crunchy the damage can include the following: 1.

Cut Or Trim It Off Yes, you can try and save fried hair. The reality of fried hair is that it just can't be repaired.

Face shape is another controversial area with some experts believing in classic face shape typing and others believing there is no such thing as a true face shape. Drizzle suds over the top of the head and allow suds to flow gently down the strands. Apply a thick rinse-out conditioner to the hair from the ears down to the ends. Detangle from the ends to the roots with fingers or a wide tooth comb. Dry, crunchy, crackly, spongy and frizzy hair is almost always the result of some type of ongoing hair damage. Hair can be naturally dry or become frizzy due to heredity hair type, texture or ongoing exposure to humidity. To repair the damage consider the following options: 1. If the damage it too extensive consider having the split ends and other severely damaged sections trimmed. Extend shampoo sessions from every day to 1-2 times a week. Transition to a more gentle cleansing program such as a diluted shampoo system, low poo formula, conditioner only wash (CO Wash) or water only (WO) rinse. Famous celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves told me a few years back that one of the biggest challenges most hair consumers face is learning to work with a blow dryer and a brush at the same time.


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