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Exclusivity and intentionality are ancient rituals, things of the past, and misplaced hopes. It’s not that this new line of thinking is necessarily untrue today, or that it’s not the current and corrupt trend of our culture. One of our most precious pursuits, that of a lifelong partner for all of life, is tragically being relegated to tweets, texts, and snaps, to ambiguous flirtation and fooling around. Therefore, only he can prescribe the purpose, parameters, and means of our marriages.

If fullness of life could be found in sexual stimulation, or if it was just a matter of making babies, the “forget formality and just have sex” approach might temporarily satisfy cravings and cause enough conception.

To his legion of fans, the reason for Ronaldo’s jubilation must have seemed obvious.

The previous day he had scored two goals in another man-of-the match performance, as his team, Real Madrid, won the European Champions League final.

Whether or not he is truly the greatest footballer to have played the game, Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer a mere sportsman, he is a global brand.

This week, it was revealed that the player who calls himself CR7 (his initials and shirt number) boosts his colossal income by a staggering £310,000 through sponsorship every time he posts a picture or film on Instagram, where he has 106 million followers.

Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly become the father of surrogate twins.

The children, a boy and a girl called Eva and Mateo, were born on Thursday according to Portuguese TV channel SIC.

So, as singles we have to work harder in our not-yet-married relationships to preserve what marriage ought to picture and provide.However, that wasn’t his only cause for celebration.That day he’d received momentous news from California: he had become the father of twins.'Mateo and Eva, those are the names of Cristiano Ronaldo’s twins,' the channel claimed. It’s a secret that Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t yet revealed to the rest of the world.' There has been immediate no official confirmation of the news from the footballer or his agents, but several Portuguese websites and newspapers including leading Portuguese daily Correio da Manha were running the story on Friday.A UK newspaper reported in March that Ronaldo was due to become the father of twin boys.Invariably these images show the comically narcissistic star preening and posturing.


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