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She is not yet seventeen, which is the age of consent-to-sex in Texas, but I don't plan on having sex with her until she is old enough. I was wondering what the legal parameters were in my case.

I'm a lesbian in college, and I'm dating a girl who is still in high school. Usually, I think, the courts look at the older individuals age and judge whether the older person is taking advantage of the younger.

Birdemic...*groans*) and I love video games though social anxiety prevents me from playing online 👏🏽💯🔥 Im secretly into anime so please reminisce over naruto with me 😭 Also it is important to note that even though I have evolved to wearing normal people clothes, I never grew out of my emo phase and my guilty pleasure will always be MCR and FOB 😭 Currently, I'm a business student at the university of Miami 🙌🏽 On the pre law track (isn't that funny).

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I have always been fascinated with women who were older than me.She is not yet seventeen, which is the age of consent-to-sex in Texas, but I don't plan on having sex with her until she is old enough. I think that as long as you are within three years you are okay, four or five years is a bit more difficult. Should you get dragged in front of a judge, they might be very understanding or they might think that you are a child molester.Is it all right to date her legally as long as no sex is involved? Should you get taken to court, challenge them to show that you have had sex with an underage girl or that there is any impropriety in your relationship with her.I'm Keiana and I enjoy painting, drawing , writing poetry , spoken word... Talk poetry to me 😛 Anyway, I try to be funny at all possible times but this endevaour usually ends with me having dark humor and being sarcastic--but I'm a cool person, usually, I think.My latest art collection is the creation of memes that will slowly take over the internet 😈 I'm a really big fan of bad movies (the room...They will not be able to and you will likely not have any problems.


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    The authors contend that starting a dialog early about money and finance can make relationships stronger and better able to weather the storms of misfortune. It is amazing to me the lengths to which couples will go to avoid discussing what I like to call the pink elephant in the bedroom. Manisha Thakor: The reason I typically give is, we're not educated about personal finance but we're expected to understand it.